Dance in all its forms, requires grace and artistry but it also requires strength. Dancers are athletes and just like other athletes, dancers deal with the risk of injury. Conditioning students in functional strength and flexibility while teaching them the appropriate way to use their bodies, decreases the chance of injury. Your core is your center of gravity and all movement begins there and plays a key role in all dance techniques. It stabilizes the legs and mobilizes bones, allowing movement. A dancer needs strong core muscles to perform lifts, stabilize the torso during leaps and facilitate graceful stretching and bending during a dance routine. Dancers also require considerable flexibility and extensive range of motion, especially in the back, hip and ankles. For dancers of all ages, a strong center is extremely important for placement, turns, jumps, landing from jumps.   A weak core results in poor posture and increases the risk of falls, lower back pain and muscle injuries. In dance, control is the key, and control comes from the core.

This class is designed to strengthen our students core.

Pre-req: Ballet technique class strongly encouraged


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