Acrobatic dance began in Canada and the United States in the early 1900’s, as one of the types of acts performed in vaudeville. It was not until the early 1900’s that it became popular to combine both dance and acrobatic movements. Acrobatic dance has evolved into its present-day form thru the integration of ballet technique as the basic foundation for dance movements. Vaudeville acrobatic dance was acrobatics set to music but modern acro dance is acrobatic movements performed in a dance context. It is undeniably beautiful and breath-taking.   It offers a dazzling array of unique skills and personalities to the audience. A variety of tricks are commonly performed in acro varying widely in complexity and the skills required to perform them. The performer is required to have tight control of his or her body and typically involves a high degree of flexibility

Acro dance can be seen on the T.V. show “So you think you can dance” and other professional shows such as “Cirque do Soleil”. The benefits and skill sets of Acro Dance is great for aspiring dancers, cheerleaders and students seeking fun and a challenging form of physical activity.

Classes include:

  • Pre-school Acro
    Gymnastics instruction begins with our pre-school arc class for 3-5 year olds. This hour long class is a first look at basic flexibility and tumbling techniques.
  • Beginning/Intermediate Acro
    Our class for ages 5-9 where they will build on the flexibility and tumbling learned in the pre-school class, plus headstands and handstands.
  • Advanced Acro
    Advanced acro begins at age 10 with a focus on strength, performance, and more advanced tumbling skills.



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