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2014 Awards

Showtime did it again with a great competition weekend.  With over forty students competing this weekend, Showtime came away with One First Place Highpoint Overall, Three Second Place Highpoint Overalls, One Third Place Highpoint Overall, and 10 other highpoint placement awards.   Highgolds, Platinums, and Double Platinums:  What a weekend!!!  The staff at Showtime Productions is extremely proud.  It was great to see all of the students that they have taught to dance perform so well at StageOne this weekend.


2014 StageOne Competition Results

“American Woman” – Kamryn Benvenuto – High Gold – 1st in category

“Paper Moon” – Sydney Marshal – Platinum – 2nd in category

“Step In Time” – High Gold – 5th Overall

“TTYL-XOX Remix” – High Gold – 6th Overall

“Applause” – Double Platinum – 3rd Overall

“Soldier” – Sarah Harnetizx – Platinum

“Comforting Sounds” – Paige Vandiver – High Gold

“Twisted” – Caroline Goeken – Platinum

“Stubborn Love” – Caroline Goeken, Sarah Harnetiax – High Gold – 8th Overall

“The Story Of My Live” – Lanie Miller – High Gold – 6th Overall

“Toy Soldier” – High Gold – 6th Overall

“Swagger Jagger” – High Gold – 5th Overall

“Radio” – High Gold – 2nd Overall

“Teen Swag” – Platinum – 1st Overall

“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” – High Gold

“Guilty” – Platinum – 9th Overall

“Put In Work” – Kaliya Robinson – Double Platinum – 1st in cagegory – 2nd Overall

“Run This” – Courtney Bangert – Platinum – 7th Overall

“Breathe Me” – Jaide Smith – Platinum

“In For The Kill” – Platinum – 2nd Overall



2014 Dance Champs Competition Results

“Paper Moon” – Sydney Marshall – Platinum – 1st Place Overall

“Swagger Jagger” – High Gold

“Toy Soldier” – High Gold

“Step In Time” – High Gold

“TTYL XOX Remix” – Platinum

“Stubborn Love” – High Gold

“In For The Kill” – High Gold

“RunThis” – High Gold

“Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay” Maddie Miller – Gold

“Story Of My Live” – Lanie Miller – Platinum

“Twisted” – Caroline Goeken – High Gold

“Soldier” – High Gold


“Comforting Sounds” – Paige Vandiver – Gold

“Applause” – High Gold

“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” – Gold

“Tight Rope” – High Gold

“Tween Swag” – High Gold

“Guilty” – Gold

“Put In Work” – Kaliya Robinson – 4th Overall

“Breathe Me” –  Jaide Smith – High Gold